Advising Offices & Contact Information


Students at 精东传媒 University can find their academic advisor by:

  1. Logging into
  2. Select the听Student听迟补产
  3. Click on the Starfish Icon听
    This image shows the Starfish icon in the Student tab of Campusnet.
  4. Once you are in Starfish, you will see your advisor in your听Connections.听From here, you are able to connect with your advisor via, phone, email or schedule an appointment. Your instructors will be listed in Starfish as well under Courses.

    Find your advisor by accessing 'My Success Network' in Starfish

Your advisor is available if you need help with:

  • selecting classes
  • exploring majors听
  • strategies to improve a current class grade
  • using campus resources
  • understanding policies and procedures
  • navigating campus website and tools

For more information, please visit: /successprograms


The following is a list of the undergraduate advising offices at 精东传媒 University with important contact information provided.